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 Forged in the fires  of NWOBHM and still going strong, New Jersey's Attacker blazes a path across the metal scene. With soaring vocals, laser-sharp riffs and thunderous rhythms, Attacker delivers true metal with deadly precision, slaying crowds and taking no prisoners. From 1985's epic Battle at Helms Deep, to 2013's Giants of Canaan and 2016's Sins of the World, Attacker has honed its live show to a pure frontal assault. Wherever Attacker goes, it conquers.


Bobby 'Leatherlungs' Lucas - Vocals
Mike Sabatini - Drums
Michael Benetatos - Guitar
Jon Hasselbrink - Guitar
Brian Smith - Bass

Attacker Heavy Metal

1984 - Metal Massacre V - (Compilation, Metal Blade Records)
1985 - Battle At Helms Deep - (Sentinel Steel Records)

1986 - Best of Metal Blade - (Original Pressing, Metal Blade Records)

1987 - L'amour Rocks Compilation
1988 - The Second Coming - (Sentinel Steel Records)

1999 - True Metal Triumphant Compilation - (Sentinel Steel Records)
2004 - Soul Taker - (Iron Glory Records)
2006 - The Unknown - (Sentinel Steel Records)

2007 - Standing the Test of Time (Best Of) - (Chavis Records)
2008 - Keep It True X - Reign of the Tyrant - (Steelpride Records)
2013 - Giants of Canaan - (Metal on Metal Records)
2013 - Compendium of Metal Vol. 6 - (Metal on Metal Records)
2015 - Thunder and Steel Down Under - A Tribute to Riot - (Skol Records)
2016 - Sins of The World - (Metal on Metal Records)
2017 - Pounding Metal - A Tribute to Exciter - (Skol Records)

2018 - Armor of the Gods {EP} (Metal on Metal Records)

Attacker has shared club and festival stages with
Loudness, Sodom, Tankard, Asphyx, Raven, Diamond Head, Tygers of Pan Tang, Cirith Ungol, Brocas Helm, Grim Reaper, Bloodfeast, Night Demon, Manilla Road, Satan, Sanctuary, Sacred Oath, Warrant, Whiplash, Helstar, Liege Lord, The Rods, Picture, Visigoth, Tyrant, Hell,  Oz, Omen, . . . and many others.

© 2018 by ATTACKER

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